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Wow. Just wow.

I've had several friends try to get me to go places that are rumored to be haunted because things seem to happen when I'm around. I prefer that they don't and refrain most of the time.

By any chance were there a lot of extras for the sacrifice scene? When I was checking casting calls for M I saw something that sounded an awful lot like what you described you'd be doing.

No, there were only four minions of the devil extras. It wasn't a paying gig for them so most people were savvy enough to not participate.

Two of the extras took the Greyhound from Bakersfield to do it.

Hmmm...still coulda been. I know it was not a paying gig. They asked for people with cloaks, but would settle for hoodies.


It's very possible. They had them dressed in big black cloaks. I think they were expecting a larger crowd but actors in LA are tired of working for free.

You are too professional to be deterred by chaos that swirls around a small studio production or the dissonant energies that seemed to permeate this set.
The producer/director had to have been impressed by your attitude and performance.

In the end though I guess you get to take home a paycheck and a feeling of satisfaction from having done your best.

..third time is a charm

Well, there isn't a whole lot of talent required for what I did. I didn't even have to act, really, which is why it was disappointing to be the victim instead of one of the vampires. (Not to mention probably one of the reasons no one else was willing to be the victim, though there was rumored to be some issue with being tied down etc. I just took one for the team.) I was essentially a body. The only action I executed was leaking blood out of my mouth but that's something anyone whose ever played as a kid could figure out. It's just make believe. The hardest part of the whole thing was trying to not shiver after I was dead because it was damn cold and wet.

Re: ..third time is a charm

I would have hoped that "someone" noticed that you took the "less fun" role of victim, lay in the cold, and lay still in the cold and wet.
It's the less glamorous parts of the job that set the prima donnas apart from the professionals.

Re: ..third time is a charm

That was the gamble. It will take time to find out.

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