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For some reason, when I'm bumming, that's when men hit on me. I can go to the grocery store in my yoga clothes, no makeup, greasy hair up in a ratty knot, and that's when they follow me around the store.

If I dress up? It's like they're scared to even look at me. I don't get it. When I wanna look hot that's when they disappear. heh!

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Thank you for this; it's always good to get a man's perspective!

I'm never in the mood to be treated like a conquest.

Sounds like a modern-female-hollywood "My Dinner with Andre" :-)

I would have stopped what I was doing to listen in too.

I was rather impressed with the guy who managed to listen over the sound of his music thumping in his earphones jacked into his laptop. That took some work.

I was in a mood when ivy_blue and I walked into Starbucks for meeting number one. I nearly asked the kid behind the register to list 'fuck you' as the name on my hazelnut latte.

I hate it when they ask my name. It's so fucking ridiculous, and one of the reasons I can't stand going there. I just lie and give them a fake name, since it's totally pointless. But last time I was in there I was in a good mood, so I gave them "McLovin". The girl who took my name was totally stone-faced as I spelled it out for her; but when they called my name after it was done, all the people in line laughed. Apparently, working at Starbucks cripples your sense of humor.

I have a perverse thing about getting all-American corporations with clean images to do dirty things. I have had a year's long love affair with getting sexually suggestive words carved into Tiffany jewelry.


Yeah, I imagine it'd be funny to see how far you could go before they refused.

Could you, for instance, get "choad" but not "cock"? ...What if you raised roosters?

I have a little silver heart that says "Bad Kitty." They refused to put anything that involved "pussy" on it, even when it was rather innocently phrased.

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