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Monday Moanings
artsy neon
Monday has dawned unceremoniously and with no shortage of the usual ick factor. I'm not the only one to notice the particularly pungent ickiness either. I have no idea where the weekend went but I spent most of it in a haze. I've been haunted by various ghosts and mental mazes of my own creation as well as an erratic sleep schedule. My discipline hasn't surfaced this year at full blast.

We loaded Leopard onto the iMac last night. It updated a number of programs, making them far more versatile. I haven't had the chance to see everything that has been affected but I know that what we can create in various digital mediums has been expanded.

I reinstated my Twitter account last week at some point after a great deal of hassle. But I will say this; the people who run Twitter are very nice and communicate well with their users. I was surprised by that, if not delighted. I'm still not using it the way I want to but it's been the most intriguing of the various internet toys I have and I'd like to eventually find the focus to make my idea happen.

I broke down and created a Facebook profile (after blocking the 'feature' that tracks internet activities via Firefox and blasts them to the world). I have grown bored with the various wall gardens I've constructed and only a small handful of them remain (MySpace, DeviantArt, Capazoo, Tribe) after drastically reducing the places I lurk upon the internet. I am sure Facebook will be more of the same but I'm up to other things with these networks now that I've given up on the idea of using them to be social or network. Now they are purely tools. I have new designs on my use of the internet this year.

In the realm of creation, I'm doing my first fine art sitting of the year next week. It's an experimental piece that will be part of a larger series of images intended to express a point about female beauty and conformity. The concept rocks and I'm very excited about being part of it.

Happy Birthday to batty!

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I find Facebook to be mostly useless for my interests. It's great if you want to find people that you lost track of (and have them find you) but if you aren't interested in that, then it's an endless world of mindless games, stupid "gifts", and not much room to express yourself outside of that.

I play scrabble on it but if that is shut down due to copyright infringement then I think I may let my account die.

I wish someone would come up with a social network for people with depth. I realize we are a small target audience but there has to be a code monkey out there with the desire for something less superficial than what amounts to collecting people like Pokemon cards.

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