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Escapism Gone Awry
After two evenings of entering into the fantasy world of nightlife, I'm excruciatingly under satisfied. I have no idea if the bar I use to gage a good time is so high that meeting it is a rare thing now or if the low energy of living through a depression has numbed my soul. Perhaps I have outgrown the kinds of events I used to love. I don't know. I just feel like I was at a feast and all the food laid out before me smelled intoxicating yet had no texture or flavor.

To be fair, Friday night was a matter of time constraint rather than lackluster events. We had a window of time within which to work and we had a very late start. Much of what we had planned for the night had to be tossed out.

It was intriguing to see the redesign at the Monte Cristo. We both had very mixed feelings about it but were ultimately unimpressed. If anything, the venue went from being a unique little gem to being a typical design found in every state across the US. Thankfully, the music playing was so damn good I was able to let it go and simply be enveloped in a wall of sound. We had to leave far too early for my liking. I had just begun to relax and enjoy our conversational partners.

The Ball last night was a very mixed bag. The venue was far too small for the event and had an atrocious sound system. It was unorganized from a production point of view and suffered from some horrible moments that I felt were a disservice bordering on disrespect to the artists attempting to perform. I have no idea how the place passed any sort of safety inspection. Every time I reached for a railing to navigate stairs they nearly came out of the walls. The building was quite literally falling apart.

There were some astonishing performances by artists who took the whole situation in stride - notably Jill Tracy with Paul Mercer, the singers for Cirque Berzerk (specifically Tiger who brought it like thunder) and Helios Jive. Not even bad sound in a disastrous mix could hide their talent. It was inspiring.

The people watching was world class. Everyone looked just delicious. Everywhere I glanced there was something beautiful or fascinating to gaze upon. The character faces were plentiful too which I loved so much more than a crowd of young, uniformly pretty people. That was the real unblemished highlight of the night. I would have liked to enjoy that in a space intended for high glam preening. Being smashed together in a small space doesn't lend itself to strutting like peacocks on display.

Eventually, it became too crowded with people in massive costumes to be comfortable and we left. It was vastly disappointing and I felt frustrated by problems that could have been avoided in advance with better production. I suppose if I didn't work as a creative I wouldn't have noticed what was going on and would have had a better time. I didn't get to see many of the acts I was looking forward to and I didn't get to hear xianvox spin.

Both __wolverine__ and I have verbally worked through how to make the Ball the event it deserves to be in the hours since. I just do not understand how in a city where we hold high end, intricate events that are coveted by people from all over the world the subcultures cannot get it together. Chaos is a natural part of production but managed chaos is how an event becomes truly epic. It's not rocket science but it does seem to elude the underground.

Still, I continue to hope for better.

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That certainly sounds like a mixed bag. At least Jill Tracy and Paul Mercer never disappoint.

I think they are so used to playing in less than desired circumstances that they weren't remotely phased. I think that may hold true for many of the artists because they are clawing themselves up from nothing to be heard.

I liked the "just up to code" ambiance. It lent an air of danger. Gimme gimme danger! I do agree that the oversold venue had far FAR too many people in. No matter how gorgeous everybody looked, it became increasingly stifling in there.

The sound system was awful, wasn't it?

At first I liked the decay but as I tried to navigate safely the more crowded it became the less I enjoyed that aspect. I was really glad I didn't dress up in my intended outfit and opted for something very simple. I would have been in hell. (I think I'll save the outfit for a future night of darkness....)

The sound system was from hell. It really ruined a great deal of what fun I intended to have.

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