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Darth Noir
film noir
Some of the greatest adventures of my life came about in the most unusual of ways. It's never the organized networking that yields anything. At least not for me. It's the chance connections when like minds meet and recognize that familiar aura in another human being. Such was the way I met Bob Self of Baby Tattoo Books and his lovely wife Rani. What came of that simple circumstance will probably blow my mind for months.

Monday night I found myself in Vixen Battle Gear dressed like a Noir Femme Fatale while walking around a warehouse full of vintage Star Wars toys, those infamous Vader helmets from the Los Angeles art installation, loads of vinyl collector figures and rows of gorgeous graphic art books. It was geek nirvana and I was in it.

The project at hand was a promo photo shoot for an upcoming event (as well as fair use of whatever came of the whole night for the three of us). Bob's friend, British photographer and writer for Bizarre Magazine Mark Berry, had tossed in his hat to create some noir imagery for the special occasion I am carefully not mentioning (though you'll be able to deduce if you do a little research). It was a perfect storm.

Meeting Mark was another incredible bit of randomness. He is a gem. But some of you know that. It turns out he and I have been a hair's breathe away from each other socially as well as creatively for years. He was at BlueSpace events back in the day. We have friends in common and interests that overlap all over the place. It was a genuine thrill to watch him work and discourse upon a wide range of topics.

I had an amazing night doing classic noir shots (and taking notes on how to paint with light from yet another gifted mind), talking to both gentlemen and reveling in the good fortune of connecting with two prolific creatives.

What is to come of the night's efforts will unfold over the next couple of weeks.

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It sounds wonderful! I can't wait to see where all this takes you!

You are going to wish you were in California.

I think.

I am quite certain that I hall wish I were in California.

I have a mental picture... can't wait to see the physical photos!

Your imagination might be more fun...

Once again, you deliver the "looking" goods!

That sounds incredible! I'm so excited for you!

I'm busy living in the moments so I can savor them.

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