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Collapsing At The Finish Line

I am enjoying the first full 48 hours I have had to myself in a little over a month.  I have collapsed at the finish line, proud of what has been accomplished and enjoying the sweet rewards of that effort.  It is finally becoming comfortable to once more be successful.  I intend to not take it for granted and be grateful every day.  It can all go away in the blink of the eye, even when doing everything the right way.  It is possible to put it all out there, body and soul, yet still come up dry.  Hard work leading to prosperity is no longer part of reality in this country.

Most of what I am up to is moving ahead very slowly. I am still looking at old historical spaces in DTLA.  I haven’t written in a month but I have been taking in insane amounts of information that has fueled my imagination, fleshing out that darker future version of Los Angeles I have been creating for years.

The last two weeks have been about testing myself, learning, networking, letting go and growing.




Whatever it is, it has been hard, painful and a pure joy.


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