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Haphazard Pinup
Moving Pinup
We fell asleep with the damn sliding glass window open and it was about 35 degrees when I woke up just before the sun had a chance to rise, shaking like a leaf in numb shock. For a Californian, this is unpleasant and undesired. It also made it quite difficult for me to get my tail in gear for a full morning of prep work in anticipation of that super secret photo shoot going down at noon.

I was equally distracted by the Victoria's Secret e-gift certificate in my inbox. I have no idea why I thought I had to spend it the very second after I read it but I went into instant, frothy-mouthed shoppy mode. By some miracle, I broke the spell and made breakfast.

I need to finish doing my hair and pulling wardrobe as well as props. I have such a vast closet and collection of unnecessary but delightful accoutrements. I invariably forget something that would have worked because I wait until the last minute like this with a bizarre predictability. I suppose it's because when I put days into a shoot, they are never worth the effort and that waste of time I could have easily used somewhere else ticks me off. Of course, now and then, I encounter a shoot I should have put more time into and then I hate myself for being so cavalier.

I am hunched over my mocha latte, hoping the heat will thaw out my still icy cold flesh while planning out the next three hours to maximize the time.

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You could not wait to spend teh e-gift certificate, lol! That is entertaining. i also want to comment on your writing style. i enjoy reading your posts and enjoy your creativity. i wish my job allowed me to express myself as eloquently as you do.

I do hope you enjoyed your small present!


Yes, but it's still unused. I didn't have the time to fit it in.

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