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The Super Secret Zombie Pinup Shoot
Saturday, I was one of 13 girls done up as classic pinups turned undead. The whole thing was the brain child of William Seppuku, one of many artists contributing to the group show celebrating the release of Motor City at Meltdown Comics in March.

A lot of very talented people came together to contribute to this unique project. It was a pleasure to be part of it as well. I enjoy communing with other twisted souls who grasp why I would own a latex replica of a human heart in a little black box. Holding it with savage grace at my chest while blood poured through my fingers was a highlight of my year thus far. I'd like more of that in my portfolio - a juxtaposition of high glamour and refinement against a stark image of violence or depravity.

I have no idea if any of my images from the shoot will end up at the gallery event, which is part of why I haven't said anything about it. We'll all find out by Friday of this upcoming week who gets in. Either way, I will still be attending the show to support Mister Seppuku, who is a very cool cat (and wears a Green Lantern ring). Plus, his girlfriend is just darling too. She did my makeup and FX gore while we bonded over life experiences on the dark side.

I think I may have this grotesque thing out of my system for the time being, though. I now crave being ultra glamorous and having it captured on film in some fashion.

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This is extremely awesome. I'm glad you got to have fun being a Zombie Pin-Up Girl! :D

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