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Group Bemusement

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I gotta say, you looked RADIANT that night.

Wearing silver in a goth club will do that.

Ah, yes. This is why I love to do the white goth thing. Although, I just sold my white goth dress, LOL. It was too big in the boobzers.

Plus, that girl on the left has the hair color I wish I could get only it won't go light enough *pout*

rochellestarr had to work a little to get it, if I remember correctly.

Try painfully DEATHLY hard...
It was dyed black for 7 years...
I'm naturally about Victoria's color...
Lots of pain.

I have managed to go from 10 or so years of dyed black to a dark, dark auburn. The growth at the roots is about 4 inches and it is so nice, but the rest is *barely* achieving mahogany. *le sigh* I just can't cut it, though - it's down to my waist and it took so long to get it there...

I look like a maniquin in this pic... LMAO

We all look fucking possessed. It's hilarious. If I am going to look less than optimal in an picture, I'd prefer it be silly rather than that fat, drunken crap in the link that shall remain nameless.

For the record, I was fat but NOT drunk.

*rolls eyes* and we were waiting so long to see them!

Yeah, I wasn't exactly in the running for Miss America myself there.

I looked like a... good grief... there are no words really.

Re: *rolls eyes* and we were waiting so long to see them!

More motivation to keep working out... I've dropped six pounds since the ball.

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