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Countdown To The Edwardian Ball
I have been secretly living for January 31st when the Edwardian Ball will be held in Los Angeles for the first time ever. I am in dire need of some fantasy, inspiration, escape, pageantry, seduction and debauchery all executed with that touch of darkness that makes it just the right flavor of sinfully dangerous.

I have found myself daydreaming quite a bit lately about a certain moment in time when I lived in San Francisco. I don't for a second miss the people I consorted with then but I do miss the circumstances. There was a time in my life when no matter how bad things were I still found ways to hunt the night a few times a week for a little mystery and adventure. I've found myself craving old habits and means of escapism. And the thing that triggered these trips into a romanticized past was the announcement that the Edwardian Ball would come settle its sinful influence for a night here in L.A.

It seems like an omen to me.


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