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Edwardian Ball Los Angeles 2009
Edwardian Ball

Before the inevitable parade of commentary begins allow me to point out that we are fully aware of the abject goofiness happening in our picture together. My guess is we were not quite settled into proper photo visage when Gary executed the shot.

It happens to the most glamorous and practiced of us.

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I think you look simply ravishing, dear!

That is very kind of you to say.

That is an incredible hat.

(Deleted comment)
Indeed, I second the motion. You are both looking elegant, and more importantly, happy. Just look at your man smile, that expression saying "Ain't I the luckiest man here tonight?"

The camera has not captured abject goofiness as you put it, but heartfelt candor; as I've said before, you're such a wonderful couple I could scream.

Oh, there's something else going on there but I'm not about to unveil the subtext.

We usually are but that wasn't one of those times. Hopefully other pictures will turn out better.

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