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Unfinished Ball Gown
coque feathers

I'm not sure if I should go with a hoop skirt or heavy crinoline petticoats.

I also think it needs a corselette.

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crinoline. hoops will show right through that fabric, unless you have the type that is padded out with tulle. Definitely a sash, at the least. lovely lines, though!

I am thinking you are correct on the crinoline. Sage advice.

There is also something to be said for the secret whisper of petticoats beneath a gown. I hope this dress graces your form at some delightful party; you will certainly turn heads (not that you don't every day, mind) in such an outfit.

It's a step in that direction.

I can't think of any useful advice.
I do hope to see photos of you wearing this.

I'd just like to get it out of my bedroom and out into the world.

I would say small hoop and a small crinoline on top, for structure and fluff.

Also an interesting and sage piece of advice. I think I may have to experiment a bit.

Wow! Can't wait for the pics on this. My only thought was the choice would depend on the heat level you have to wear it in.

I think this is a winter dress when the night is ridiculously cold in LA.

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