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Tron: Tugging On Old Memories
80s painting

While I am very excited about Tron, I am annoyed at this poster. The original poster is so incredibly iconic that it's burned in many of our minds. Reproducing it seems like a cheap trick.

It also has me a little concerned. I hope this isn't going to be a rehashing of scenes from the original. I want it to be new material that draws upon the original and takes it further into legend.

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Ah,the modern movie poster, a dictum of artistic insensibility-Photoshop collage, airbrushed, plastic and lifeless. Rather like the plot of Avatar. I miss the work of good old Drew Struzan, or even Robert McGinnis.

I hope Tron Legacy fares better too. I'll still be front and center like a 12 year old on a sugar rush come opening night.

I've already been in full nerd mode over it.

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