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On Being A Butterfly

"Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."

— Hans Christian Anderson

I woke up from a dream this morning wherein I was Queen of some realm.  I haven’t had a vivid dream like that in months.  And, of late, they’ve been more gore related than beautiful fantasy.  I was extremely put out to wake up into reality. 

I consider it a harbinger, though. There is a very distinct shift happening in my life but it is dependent upon me being able to develop some new behavior in order to truly do it justice.  So, for now, I am in an awkward place, attempting to rise up to this new phase of life.

Life is a little bit better and a little more magical every day.  Last night I met Rob Corddry.  I’m loving the fact that every Saturday brings me face to face with extremely talented human beings.  The energy of being in the right place makes the tedium of this slow pace toward what I want easier to handle.  It’s a little reward for keeping focused on the goal and a reminder of the rewards of building something beautiful.

The only thing I have yet to get a handle on is some sort of fitness regime. I walk a great deal, take a lot of stairs and move for hours on end but I need some yoga and some weight/resistance training at least three times a week.  It’s a mental battle I will have to continue with my exhaustion. Eventually, my ego will win. It always does.


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