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Dave Stewart @ The Troubadour

In yet another first, __wolverine__ took me to see Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame this past Friday night.  I wasn’t at all sure what to expect save that every time he takes me to one of these kinds shows, the audience is always packed with musicians and the experience is life changing.  This was no different.

The night began with a young boy getting up on stage and belting out the most ungodly soul music with the voice of a tortured angel.  He did it a cappella.  It was pure magic.  It made me realize my obsession with dark Americana would work.

While I’ve been familiar with Dave’s body of work for the better part of my life, I didn’t truly understand the sheer genius of it.  Hearing it from his hands, with his twelve year old daughter belting it out, or any of the several beautiful women he brought out singing it (including a woman named Delta Goodrem who has now become the best vocalist on the planet to me), I realized two things:

Dave Stewart is a man with a deep soul.

Dave Stewart is a man who dearly loves women and does so with the greatest of respect bordering on worship.

Any man who can do all of that and do it with a face full of glitter is entirely worthy of my adoration.

That night, I went to church and I worshiped at the altar of female power given wings by eloquence.  I didn’t want it to end, either. 

As an encore, John Mayer came out, reminding LA why he’s more heir to the Clapton throne than he’s been marketed to be.  Forget his ridiculous pop love songs.  John Mayer is 100% American Rock Blues with guitar skills that kill. 

Live music is my drug.

More, please!


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