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Classic Bond Girl Moment

I get to meet a lot of very neat people these days.  It’s fun. And sometimes, it’s deeply moving.

Last night I had the chance to meet Luciana Paluzzi, Fiona Volpe of  the original Thunderball.  Classic Bond Girls were some of my early aspiration figures. So getting to tell one of them how big an impact they had on the woman I became… that was such an incredible moment.  Especially since she understood and gave me a hug.  I think it actually made her happy.

I never, ever go out of my way to talk to anyone high profile beyond what is appropriate because I like to let them live their lives.  It’s exhausting to constantly have people want something from you.  In my own little way, I grasp that.

I’m very grateful someone give me the opportunity to say something real in a way that wasn’t intrusive.  It meant a great deal to me.


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