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Victoria And The Ball
"My hair is rambunctious." -- __wolverine__

There was a vote of no confidence held in regards to Monday. So, for the most part, it was ignored. I did do a bit of brain storming with a co-conspirator, submitted for a few roles and kept up my work with The Artist's Way but I didn't attempt much of anything else. It was the last day of the horrible heat wave too so it seemed appropriate to relinquish myself to the exhaustion shared by many in the city. Whim reigned supreme and all was peaceful in the universe.

The price of that veto of a vital day in the never-quite-long-enough week with its poverty of hours came thundering down this morning. But I was ready for it.

I have spent the last month allowing myself the process of a blue sky brainstorming on the topic of my upcoming class. I decided to meditate upon it at length and go down every avenue that captured my imagination to get it all out there for my perusal. This week, I will hone all of that material and all of my experience into a useful, pervaliciously fun two hours.

The other great pursuit of the week is preparing for the Aristocracy Ball on Sunday at Malediction Society. I already own a gorgeous, one of a kind ball gown created by azacdesigns that has never seen the light of day save in a photo shoot. I am borrowing the hoops (because I haven't had them made yet). However, I am not sure what I will do about my hair. I'd like to just hire someone but everyone I'd trust is also going to the Ball. They will have their hands full working on their own fabulousness. I have all week to resurrect my previously fierce updo hair skills and make some kind of hair piece to match the gown.

Bloody Formal

The above image is a design by taissalada circa 2001-2002. I'm madly in love with it to the point of being obsessed. It's the 'must have' dress for scream queens everywhere.

Vexed And Delighted
duran duran shadows
Breathe, Victoria.

I've had to say that to myself dozens of times in the last 24 hours. Life is good but the details are killing me. It's a common dichotomy of circumstances lately.

The icing, however, was a package containing a costume piece for the super secret shoot I'm doing on Saturday. I had ordered a darling little embellished bra for a steal that I intended to further dress up with my box of rhinestones, glass fringe and feathers. But the item I received had cups so huge, I knew right away something wasn't right. It was a 36 D. I wear 34 B. Even if I can get the seller to exchange it with me, I will not have it in time for the shoot. Further, I bought something inexpensive because of the fake blood involved in this project. I don't want to wear something I care about in a situation where I could be doused in sticky red liquid. Now I am going to have to figure out what to wear instead.

The situation with my book is still unclear and in limbo. I am treading in waters I am not familiar with and that tends to make me aggressive. I'd like to finish climbing this mountain or find a new way to give a book that has grown to have a life of its own the voice I fervently believe it deserves even if it's ultimately a deviant roller coaster ride with little redeeming value. There is truth beneath the salaciousness but it would take the passage of time to make it more than a tawdry little novel. I want to move on to the other novels I have been dying to start as well. I have two stories that need to be told or I will burst.

Against the backdrop of hair pulling frustration are beautiful connections and projects, none of which I have dared share for fear of tainting them before they can be fully birthed. One new soul I've recently interacted with may prove to be the most significant artistic opportunity I have had in a few years if not a decade. Part of me wonders why it took so long for me to be presented with such an important piece of the puzzle by the universe but I understand that we cannot all blossom in the same way. I am a late summer flower who was still painting my petals while all the others in the garden have unfurled gloriously to the world.

I am vexed and delighted all at once.

An Afternoon At The El Royale
Moving Pinup
"There is an Indian Belief that everyone is in a house of four rooms: A physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time, but unless we go into every room everyday, even if only to keep it aired, we are not complete." -- Rumer Godden

Today started out in a flurry of stress. I have to admit, I was very resistant and petulant about it. You see, I had an interview with Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce in the afternoon and it was something so special, I wanted my morning to pass in serene joy so I could be relaxed. Instead, I raced around putting out fires before dashing off to Hancock Park and the historic El Royale where the Forty Deuce corporate offices dwell.

Walking up to the El Royale, built in 1929 and still entirely intact, I felt a thrill. I'd never been inside the building. That alone was a serious cool factor. It didn't hit me that I was actually going to meet with the world famous Forty Deuce in hopes of obtaining a position with one of the shows until the front desk called up to announce me.

I had a great time interviewing. It was fun and familiar. I'd be working with the Wednesday night rock n roll burlesque show doing costuming. It'd be very intense yet very straight forward beyond the surprises that live entertainment tends to entail. So, it's just a matter of who they decide to go with.

As I left the building, I walked around the lobby, checking out the incredible moldings and woodwork all still intact. The paint was very faint and may have been the original paint, untouched by any restoration. The man behind the front desk told me about the only alterations done to the building and that there was another room below us with the same woodwork that would never see the light of day again. Thankfully, the El Royale is an historical monument and cannot be torn down.

I have a flurry of auditions beginning tomorrow so I'm spending the evening cleaning up my monologues. I am extremely wiped out and sticky from the L.A. heat.

Peacock Feathers
I received a peacock feather and lace skirt today that taissalada made and I had intended to use for a project that went south. It's just stunning. The blue lace is so strikingly peacock blue and it has this elegant train on it that touches on a few of my clothing fetishes.

It's mine now! I'm going to add a little finger loop so I can wear it Victorian style and not have to worry about people stepping on my train. Maybe a big, fake crystal ring will be the way to go. It's already an over the top piece of clothing.

So the real question is how do I make up an occasion for me to wear it and where do I find something to go with it. If Newport News hadn't screwed up a recent order and sent me a gray skirt instead of the black that they apparently ran out of, I'd have a place to start.

The Changing Terrain Of Business In Hollywood
right side black and white
It's been a depressing few weeks with the various breakdown services I use. I stopped counting how few paid jobs were among the unpaid. It just gets worse and worse as the internet and technology changes the face of entertainment. The market is flooded with prospective talent and various indie projects. It's very overwhelming. People are also more focused on becoming famous at any cost rather than creating anything of high quality with this crazy notion that money will follow. In some sick, twisted ways, it appears the system is feeding that trend.

The real icing on the cake was a breakdown for a feature film that I finally stumbled upon. I was very excited at first. It was film noir. There was a role I was built to play. And then I noticed the fine print. In the description of the role I was suited to there was a specific request for a 'known' actress or a reality television personality. Really? A reality television star? How on earth does that equate to acting ability? It made me sad that it was more important to the producers to garner attention than put forth good work. But with the entertainment industry scrambling to figure out how to integrate the new technology into their business plans as well as ferret out where the consumer dollars are going to these days, the formula for success (or even making a basic living) in the business has forever changed.

It's both an exciting time and a very scary one in Hollywood.

I managed to get some decent costuming work done yesterday though I am not entirely out of the woods yet. I have one major costume left and I have lots of building to do for the pieces I'm creating. I found a good deal of inspiration yesterday while at the Haunted Studios. I'm fairly certain I am going to be working right up to the big finale scene on Monday getting things done but it's really my fault for trying to juggle so much at once.

I'm up at 0'dark thirty because of some huge police action involving a helicopter right over head. It's not normal for this area, particularly since I live a block away from a police station. I couldn't get back to sleep once it was over. It's going to be a rough day with only four hours of sleep.

And in the realm of natal days for this date....Happy Birthday kittenspeaks!

Navigating The Week
feather hat
"A good actor tells the truth - always!" __wolverine__

I have had more people ask me if things feel very off center or dark lately than any other time in my life. The answer is yes. It's been a strikingly tense week all around. There have been some good moments and great conversations I've had with people that felt as if I was connecting in a beautiful way but it's been countered by a shocking amount of awful news, gossip or bad behavior. It's like the world is sharing a collective moment of irrational agitation with varying degrees of self control. I'm laboring to keep from succumbing any more than I have up to this point.

In an effort to cheer myself up after a less than thrilling day, I turned on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. The Daily Show depressed me. Why is everyone in our government such a douche? I realize it's a crude term that seems almost juvenile coming from me but there isn't any other word for it and it rolls so effectively off Jon Stewart's tongue. I try not to pay too much attention to the reality parading all around me without being irresponsible and ignoring what is essentially my shared problem as a member of the human race. It wasn't the half hour of laughter I was hoping for this evening. But Mister Colbert delivered with his metaphor battle against Sean Penn. I haven't laughed that hard in weeks (and Shelby certainly had me going on Sunday). Though, you get a Wag Of The Finger, Mister Colbert, for playing the "actors are liars" card. I'm so sick of that statement and it's the reason for the quote above.

I did get in a good meeting with ivy_blue. I'm optimistic about our venture. We seem to be on the same page and I like her very much. I'm extremely hesitant to just slap something together, though. I already did that once this year and the results were not pretty. I found myself discussing the difference between doing something right and high production. They aren't the same thing. You can do something inexpensive but well executed. It's a matter of being meticulous and detail oriented as well as being sure you are performance ready by taking the necessary steps. Our idea is a good one with lots of potential and room to grow.

Another little thing in the plus column was hearing that Lady Heather is returning in one of the final four episodes of CSI today. Hell yes! Bring the smoldering sexiness, Lady Heather! I can't wait!

I'm may be doing something fun and satiric this weekend that I won't be more explicit about until a later date. That will go down on Saturday. Other than that, I need to resume heavy attention to the costuming for the feathery film that will wrap in a week. I was planning to spend all day in costuming warehouses Friday but there is a storm bearing down on us here in Los Angeles. It should hit some time in the early morning and keep us under water until late Friday night. I may just stick to the Haunted Studios since it is near by and will probably be mustily romantic to wander around solo during a rain. I won't make that decision until the morning.

Plotting And Other Subtle Scandals
There are many things in motion based on a conversation I had with a partner in crime last week. I'm undertaking a few ambitious projects that are all linked together in purpose. I was hoping I'd be swept up with being an actor/artist in someone else's production by now but as seems to be the largest lesson I've learned in Hollywood - "Don't wait around for something you want to happen. Make it happen yourself." I lasted all of a month before I was fed up enough to just do things myself again. I enter back into this with great caution though. There will be some stern rules of engagement.

I'm relieved to be working at full speed again as this holiday weekend was far too slow for me. It's quiet with all of the breakdowns and casting notices today but that is to be expected during the next month. Most of what I am seeing is for theater, music videos or student projects. This is private event season, though.

I'm still doing some Swarovski crystal work on costume pieces. It's tedious but I can handle it in sections of time broken up. I have been slowly going through my wardrobe and costuming to get rid of items I just don't wear. I have far too many things and I have limited room - more so than most. Some of it I'm putting on eBay and some of it just needs to be thrown away. I suppose you can call this the showgirl version of spring cleaning.

The search for a costume designer hasn't been nearly as dreadful as I expected. I've two candidates with extensive movie credits and a lot of love for vintage attire. I hope to meet them this week.

I'm in a holding pattern for everything else going on. I'm waiting for other people or funding. The ironic discovery I've made this weekend is that shooting the artwork for the gem case of the song for Angels In The Dark will cost more than recording the music and mixing it.

The Hunt For A Costumer/Seamstress
Moving Pinup
I have begun my quest for a costumer/seamstress and I expect it will be lengthy. I'd just as soon fly taissalada out every month but I'm not that wealthy. (I have a number of talented friends who can sew but the problem is the same - distance with a couple of exceptions.)

I've decided I want to build up a creative team. It's the business plan I've watched other entertainers use with great success. The process will take time.

In Case You Were Wondering
I am literally still sewing....



And counting the hours as the slip past me.

Hex Halloween had better be fun after all this work.


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