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Indie Cinema Lounge - Lobster Man From Mars - Rare Screening!
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The Indie Cinema Lounge is a unique opportunity to see the work of independent filmmakers who are creating intriguing movies in a salon styled setting. Mingle with other artists and patrons before and after in a venue where old glamour and urban influences meld for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Cocktails and mingling begin at 8:30 pm. The movie will start at 9 pm.
Small plates and specialty cocktails are available throughout the evening for your enjoyment.
Please enter via the Selma entrance - Look for the blue light!
Parking is available in lots on Selma and Ivar

SUNDAY, AUGUST 5, 2007 - 8:30pm
1600 N Cahuenga Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028


"Director Stanley Sheff's 'Lobster Man From Mars' lovingly sends up the tacky 50's sci-fi/horror drive-in flick with the help of a good cast that gets into the spirit of the occasion. "
- KEVIN THOMAS, Los Angeles Times

"Lobster Man From Mars," is a ripoff of 'The Producers,' only instead of two Broadway producers trying to make a flop stageplay, it's Tony Curtis as a Hollywood studio head trying to get a big tax write-off. In walks a kid named Stevie Horowitz with a film called 'Lobster Man From Mars,' and into the screening room we go for the movie-within-a-movie. With bad music, bad narration, bad acting, and a bad idea, the result is... A hysterically FUNNY bad movie."
- JOE BOB BRIGGS,- Showtime Movie Channel

Still Going 100 Miles An Hour
This is just a little notice that I'm woefully behind on digital communications. I have a backlog of email and such that I've not responded to since I've been insanely busy. I thought I'd have the energy to catch up today but I don't. I still have to go do the Indie Film Night at Citizen Smith and I spent the afternoon getting some necessary work done for future projects.

Unless something comes up, I'll be home for the next couple of days getting back to everyone waiting on me.

In other sad news, The Dresden Files won't be renewed for another season. Normally, I'd just hope that Scifi would save it from extinction. Unfortunately, they created the show.

Farscape Returns!
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Stolen shamelessly from warren_ellis:

SCI FI Channel will revive its popular original show Farscape as a Web-based series of short films on SCIFI.COM’s SCI FI Pulse broadband network, part of a slate of new original online programming.

SCI FI has ordered 10 webisodes of Farscape, to be produced by Brian Henson and Robert Halmi Jr. and produced by The Jim Henson Co., in association with RHI Entertainment.

The series will expand the Farscape universe, but the network had no announcements on casting or premiere dates.

Equality Now

A Night Of Jasmine
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It was a perfect Los Angeles night. I did a show that ended on a high, beautiful note. We drove around afterward in the sensuous Hollywood evening perfumed by night jasmine with the top of the Jag down to fetch a sinfully melty philly chicken cheese steak sandwich. Now I'm languishing in the moody light of our home watching The Dresden Files and Real Time With Bill Maher, that night jasmine wafting in through the screen door.

Life honestly doesn't get much better than nights like this one. I feel very satisfied.

Our final performance was lightening in a bottle. It was by far the best show we've done and I think we all relished it. Even the stories we were telling before hand in the dressing room were tales I'll always carry with me. Everything about the evening simply clicked into place as if it were always meant to be. I spent part of my time off stage texting back and forth with Reverend Tommy Gunn who was over doing his show, since I couldn't drop in. I felt part of the world in a meaningful way while also getting to finish doing something I've wanted to be part of since I first read the play. It's tremendous that I can say that about many things at this point in my life. I've checked off a number of dreams or deep desires from my list.

I feel very accomplished. It won't last. I'll start craving and desiring in a month or so. But for now, I'll enjoy it.

The Dresden Files
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While The Dresden Files is not the most perfect show on television, I have enjoyed it greatly. It doesn't hurt any that one of my favorite musical theater stars of contemporary times, Terrance Mann, is on it. Getting to have him on the HDTV once a week (or so long as this show lasts) is ridiculously thrilling since the only other way I have been able to bask in his talent has been via soundtracks or the rare live performances that make it out my way.

I think I have worn out "Where's The Girl?" from The Scarlet Pimpernel. I don't often feel as if I am specifically being addressed in songs but that one song melted me upon the first experience. I must have replayed it for an hour solid.

I don't get silly over very many people but Terrance Mann absolutely qualifies.

Jake 2.0
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I like Jake 2.0 on SciFi. It's cute. It isn't the best show on television but it's a view of the future that isn't too far off if one considers nanotechnology.

The Dresden Files on SciFi is the program I'm waiting to blow my mind next.


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